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The General Company of Equipment and works « EGET » is a company with a limited responsibility of public works, founded in 1979 by Mr. Ahmed Fakhfakh, a former technical manager in the Ministry of equipment, of habitat and country planning with a capital of 21 000,000 Dinars. The social capital is currently of 2 700 000, 000 Dinars. After acquiring a great experience well confirmed in the domain of construction and public works in general, and endowed with an important depot, as well as a technical and administrative team, competent, dynamic, ambitious and enthusiastic, the company is a holder of the delivered agreements by the Ministry of equipment, of habitat and country planning in different domains of public works activities. Since its foundation, the company was entrusted by the markets through the calls for tender, it made the realization of many projects with a big importance entering in the same field of its activities such as high schools, sporting rooms, institutions of higher education, social heads of national offices, professional training centers, buildings of public services, works of planning and covering of agricultural runways, maritime protections works, real estate complexes of habitation of big standing and big importance, networks of water conveyance… During 2001 and 2005, the company had invested 1 250 000 000 Dinars to acquire a new material and machines of works, moreover than the extension and the planning of its depot (parks, repair and maintenance shops) to assure its development and answer to the needs of its evolutionary activity. The turnover realized during the last decade passed from 3 163 402, 000 Dinars to 8 690 305, 000 Dinars in 2004, with the year 2001 record of 13 629 106, 000. The flow chart of the company accentuates in the functional hierarchy by vertical, horizontal and oblique linkages. The Managing Director is the project owner of the company; it shows the policy to be followed to attain the fixed goals and also supervises all its workings. For the application of this policy, he is assisted by a technical director engineer and an administrative director who have an important human resource, competent and well motivated, which assures a good climate of work in aid of an optimal output so well inside the company’s offices that on its worksites. An optimal organization which confers to the company testimonies of satisfaction from its customers who don’t hesitate to attest these testimonies by the delivery of successful completion certificates with eloquent praises. The objective of the company is to ensure its development in the medium and long term to face the request of the local market within the framework of the economic expansion plans of the country and to try to export its services to the Maghreb countries also the sub-Saharan African countries by making possible partnerships or by succeding the international calls for tender by these countries.
Fondateur : Ahmed Fakhfakh
Cogérant : Mahdi FAKHFAKH
Cogérant : Amin FAKHFAKH

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EGET : General company of equipment and work
Street Béchir M'Hadhbi. Sfax 3000 Tunisia
EGET : General company of equipment and work
EGET : General company of equipment and work (00216) 74 226 466
EGET : General company of equipment and work (00216) 74 296 357